Philippine Standard Time:
Friday, February 16, 2024 8:50:35 PM
source: PAGASA

The Local Government Unit of Tiwi, Albay is on its way towards sustainable
economic development founded by transparent and participatory governance. It is
inspired to meet its vision of becoming a premier geothermal, ceramics, agro fishery,
industrial zone, and an eco-tourism and pilgrimage destination in the Bicol Region, with
a healthy, self reliant, learned and motivated citizenry, with diversified and competitive
industries in a balanced ecology, a well-planned and maintained infrastructure, brought
by an honest, responsive, competent and transparent governance guided by a genuine
love of God, country and the community.

This Tiwi Website with IP address is a local government
portal of the Local Government Unit of Tiwi, Albay. It presents the innumerable
programs, projects and activities, the required policies to support the effective and
efficient implementation of the various strategies, the different services offered by the
LGU departments and the pieces of information involving the Local Government Unit in
particular and the municipality in general.

This site is also geared towards informing the general public of the diverse
milestones met in its efforts to attain its vision, mission and goals of the locality as
articulated by its tagline / battlecry “TIWI ASENSO! Matanos na Pag-gobierno asin
Marhay na Serbisyo, Responsable asin Disiplinadong Ciudadano. Banwaang Maogma,
Matoninong asin Progresibo.”

With these, I am always optimistic that with this website we will be able to
convey to the communities the necessary information we gladly wish to communicate
with you.

Mabuhay! Tiwi ASENSO!

Municipal Mayor